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Keep your lunch fresh and cool for hours with Gel Cool boxes, just like an icebox would do.
Each Gel Cool Double comes with 2 tiers. Use both together or just one at a time.

Gel Cool boxes have an ice pack built right into the top lid.

Simply pop the lid in your freezer the night before, and put it on the bento box before packing your lunch into your lunch box! Food packed in the box with the pre-cooled lid will be kept cold for several hours (depending on the external temperatures). Each box has a removable inner divider and a lid with an inner flexible, sealing element that makes the lid quite leak-resistant. It comes with an elastic bento band.

Each tier has a capacity of 500 ml, so with both tiers the capacity is 1000 ml in total.

Dimensions : 8.6 cm × 17.8 cm × 6 cm (3.38" x 7" x 2.36").
Material: plastic ABS (BPA free).

The boxes are microwave and dishwasher safe with the lids removed. The lids should be hand washed. The white silicone sealing element and the inner lid, can be removed for easy washing.

Made in Japan