$19.99 CAD

This 95% Organic Micellar (pronounced my-sell-er) Water is your new bff for removing makeup. It also doubles as a hydrating oil cleanser (no need for water!) and restoring toner.
Made for those looking for a natural way of removing makeup, dirt, pollution, and toxins without stripping your skin's natural protective barrier. Perfect for sensitive skin. 
Handmade in Canada with organic ingredients including Rose Water, Witch Hazel and Glycerin to cleanse and tone skin. Infused with Aloe Vera to help prevent inflammation while soothing and hydrating your skin. 

95% Organic | Vegan | Cruelty Free 

To Remove Makeup: Shake bottle to mix the organic and natural ingredients, pour micellar water on one of our Reusable Cotton Pads. Smooth reusable pad gently across eyes, lips, and face or anywhere with makeup. Rub gently over heaviest areas with makeup until removed. Repeat until all makeup is removed! 
To Wash and Tone: Shake bottle to mix up the natural and organic ingredients, pour micellar water on one of our Reusable Cotton Pads and rub gentle across all areas of face.
Follow with Birch Babe's Natural Glow Face Serum and Face Creams for hydrated, healthy skin.