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~ 100g. As all of our cheese/deli/butcher items are hand-cut and weight-variable, customer will be notified via email after price is confirmed in-house for final total.

It is in the heart of the Twente, a natural region of the eastern part of the Netherlands, that the Dutch farm of Kaamps is found. The cows on this farm are fed in particular with clover, which gives the milk a natural sweetness. This pasteurized cow's milk cheese is unique. It is covered with ground roasted coffee beans, then vacuumed for 4 months so that the flavor of the coffee is infused and soaks to the heart of the grinding wheel. It has a creamy or even melting, rich and creamy texture with a delicious taste. This cheese goes beyond the framework of simple originality, it proves to have a perfect balance FLAVOR: This process gives the cheese a very light under crust, notes of coffee remain at the end of the mouth. But when you consume it with its crust, its aroma is stronger, and the bitterness increases. HOW TO TASTE IT: To be consumed with its coffee crust so that it reveals all its flavors. Serve in a cube with your favorite crackers. As a delicious treat for your breakfast or dessert. Delicious with a spread of quince or apricots.