$9.49 CAD

Eco-friendly bamboo ear cleaner: saves you from wasting hundreds of cotton buds!
-Many colors available for every member of the family
-Unlike cotton buds (also known as Q-tips and cotton swabs), the Oriculi helps to prevent clogged ears.
-Money-saving way to clean your ears: is reusable and washable
A favorite for
– Prevent clogged ears
-Eco-friendly lifestyle
How to use
You can use the Oriculi to clean children’s ears, but it must be done by an adult, in a calm atmosphere. Make sure you hold the end of the Oriculi with your finger, to stop it from going any further into the ear and touching the eardrum if the child moves suddenly.
The little ball at the end of the Oriculi comes in different colours, so each member of the family can know which one is theirs!