$13.05 CAD

Priced per 200g.

$29.59/lb | $6.53/100g

Jarlsberg® is a cheese that has both character and incredible versatility. The semi-soft cheese is a great addition to any cheese platter and pairs very well with fruit, nuts and even dark chocolate! When used for cooking Jarlsberg® is a real treat to work with.

Although sometimes mistaken for a Swiss cheese, Jarlsberg® is a singular creation. Jarlsberg® is a mix between Gouda and Emmental (also known as Swiss cheese). The structure and pattern of the holes in Jarlsberg® are unique – and inseparable from the mild, nutty flavour. The super-secret formula behind Jarlsberg® contains a patented propionic acid that is the source of both the flavour and the holes. You can’t have one without the other.