$12.99 CAD

Have you ever seen annatto seeds? They have a bright orange-red colour which is also known to be used as a food colouring. But the slightly sweet, nutty and peppery flavour packed into those little seeds is what makes this blend so special. Combine that with the tangy flavour of ripe mango (amchur) and you have a force of flavours sitting right in your cupboard ready to hop into your dish at any given moment. 

This has been our go to for ribs since day one and you will be pleasantly surprised by it's power to handle hardy root vegetables.

herbs and spices, annatto seeds, tarragon, yellow sugar, granulated garlic,  onion powder, black pepper, sea salt, orange peel, sichuan pepper, amchur

All-Natural, no fillers. No gluten added!
Made in a facility that also processes: mustard, sesame, sulphites, wheat