$14.99 CAD

A hydrating, all natural, package free body bar that will turn every wash into a sensory experience. Handmade in Canada and lathers beautifully without the use of sulphates.

 Infused with Coconut Oil for deep hydration, Olive Oil for moisturizing, and Shea Butter for anti-inflammatory benefits, this package-free gem ensures a luxurious, guilt-free skincare routine.

 Enjoy up to 80 washes of fresh and healthy skin. 

Winner of CertClean's 2020 "Clean Beauty Awards" for Best Shampoo Bar and 2nd for Best Shampoo all around!

For those who love Shampoo Bars and 2 in 1 products this can also be used in your hair. 

Please note that these bars may not work for bleached or dyed blond hair. 

Certified All Natural | Vegan | Cruelty Free