$11.02 CAD

Quebec. Unpasteurized. Cow’s Milk.

Produced in 8kg wheels, le 1608 is a typical hard cheese. The milk used comes 100% from Canadienne breed cows. The raw cheese is cooked, pressed and non-surface refined for a long period. Refining takes between 3 and 6 months. Fat content is 30 % and moisture 42 %. The crust is a dark yellow, creamy and tender in mouth. Texture improves with age, and taste develops without bitterness.

Non-pasteurized (thermized) milk, bacterial cultures, salt, calcium chloride, pure veal rennet.

This information is referenced from the World Cheese Book, 2009.

~ 100g. As all of our cheese/deli/butcher items are hand-cut and weight-variable, customer will be notified via email after price is confirmed in-house for final total.