$15.43 CAD

Cow's Milk. Pasteurized. Aged for 24 Months. France.

Derived from the French word “mi-molle” meaning half soft, this cheese is modelled after a Dutch cheese. When cheese importation was banned in France in the 17th century, cheesemakers began producing their own version of the popular Dutch cheese. The natural rind is normally greyish brown and covered in rugged holes created by cheese mites. However, in Canada the cheese is covered in black wax. The paste is colored orange by annatto and is savoury and sweet with a smooth texture. The 18 month version has a smooth texture that begins to crumble, and the flavour is richer and caramelized.

~ 100g. As all of our cheese/deli/butcher items are hand-cut and weight-variable, customer will be notified via email after price is confirmed in-house for final total.