$4.85 CAD

Topo Cheese is a matured cheese with a semi-hard and firm texture, produced on the beautiful Portuguese island of São Jorge, in the Topo area.
It is a cheese with an intense aroma and flavour, clean and proportionately spicy as it is being matured, ideal to savour with wines or jams. Topo Cheese is produced from raw cow's milk and is matured for a minimum of 2 months.

São Jorge Cheese (Queijo São Jorge) is a semi-hard to hard cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk specifically on the island of São Jorge. It’s so important it has Protected Geographical Status (PDO) certification, given only to food products of particularly high quality that are also an important part of local tradition.

~ 100g. As all of our cheese/deli/butcher items are hand-cut and weight-variable, customer will be notified via email after price is confirmed in-house for final total.