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1L Refill

$2.00/lb | $4.40/k

This product has a $2 deposit

Note: Our laundry detergents are concentrated - 25mL = 1 HE load of laundry, 40mL = 1 Conventional load.

Took care of the laundry and your better half didn’t even notice ? With Pure Fabric Softener, clean clothes will keep their fresh laundry fragrance for the longest time. A subtle reminder of a job well done that will get you the recognition you deserve. No need to remind anybody, smell does it for you. How convenient.

Also useful since:

  • Designed for sensitive skin
  • Designed to get rid of static on any fabric
  • Designed to leave a lasting freshness feel on your clothes
When your bottle is empty, keep it and visit your local sales point to refill. Eco-friendly AND wallet friendly. Best of both worlds.