$6.73 CAD

1L glass jar. $3.39/lb | $7.48/k $6.99/L

This product has a $2 deposit.

Note: Our laundry detergents are concentrated - 25mL = 1 HE load of laundry, 40mL = 1 Conventional load.

PURE Laundry Detergent is made of ingredients that are good for the environment and for health, in an ultra-concentrated formula. It dissolves 95% in water. That means fewer particles released into nature, and fewer residual particles on clothes.

What more could you ask for from a laundry detergent? Smell great, soften fabrics and reduce static? Okay, okay. You are right. He can do that too. There's no reason to settle on a product that just takes care of the health of our favorite humans, our wallet and our planet. PURE Laundry Detergent goes a step further, living up to your expectations. Using PURE products helps cut greenhouse gases. Let's do it, one load at a time!