$4.99 CAD

To obtain Organic Tipo 00 pizza flour, we first start with a rigourous wheat varietal selection process. The best varieties of organic wheat favoring the extensibility of the dough are selected.  These varieties are crushed to obtain a flour that is extracted from the heart of the wheat kernel. It is a flour  that has the characteristic of offering much more flexibility to the dough. Then, the Organic Tipo 00 flour is siefted to remove the bran in order to obtain a white flour. Tipo 00 pizza flour does not undergo by any bleaching treatment.

This Tipo 00 pizza flour is perfect for Italian pizza lovers who enjoy long fermentation process. It give a nice crust and a well structured crumb. It is enriched in accordance with food laws and regulations. The number 00 come from the classification of the flour according to its ash content, it’s a way to classified the whiteness of the flour.

Equivalent: T50