$11.29 CAD

Bulk refill options available in-store. Customer is required to bring a clean Nelson Naturals container for refills.

Crush & Brush (Mint & Mint-Charcoal)
A mess-free, convenient, portable and perfectly portioned toothpaste tablet.
Lightweight, perfect for travel or to brush on the go. Mint-Charcoal has additional whitening properties.

The classic toothpaste flavour for the ultimate fresh breath! No funny business here.
Slightly less sweet than our other formulas, the Spearmint toothpaste packs a punch.

Activated charcoal has quickly grown to become the hottest ingredient in oral care in recent years, notably for its highly effective teeth whitening effects. It works like a powerful magnet for Plaque, Bacteria and Tannins that may stain your teeth. 
The Peppermint essential oil in this formula makes for the perfect refreshing brushing experience.  Warning: This product will whiten your teeth but is EXTREMELY MESSY

Citrus Spice Blend
Nelson’s best selling “classic” toothpaste formula. This is their take on a Thieves oil blend and it is incredible. This flavour has hints of mint, cinnamon, citrus, rosemary and clove, and is sure to make your brushing experience exceptional every time.

With the mineral rich properties of Moringa, the unique properties of Iodine combined with the detoxifying properties of Bentonite Nelson Naturals believe this will be one of the best brushes you’ve ever had, In fact, they guarantee it!

Spicy, bold, fiery, just like you. Our unique Cinnamon flavoured toothpaste will seduce even the more adventurous brushers out there. A truly exciting toothpaste for the tastebuds.

Fennel was first introduced in India for oral care, where Fennel commonly serves as a mouth freshener (Mukhwas) after meals. Nelson’s Fennel toothpaste is a herbaceous, cooling, ultra refreshing formula that is also mint-free.