$16.49 CAD

2 beans in glass jar. 4g.

Packaged in Germany.

Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Ltd was created in 1991 after the liberalization of the Madagascar vanilla trade. Our mandate is to promote and expand the usage of natural vanilla beans and their various by-products throughout the different sectors of the food industry. Vanilla beans are an extremely complex and much sought-after food commodity constantly under threat by natural chemical and synthetic substitutes. We are committed to offering only traditionally cured vanilla that offers maximum economic benefits to the growing communities at origin. When it comes to sustainability and ethical purchasing practices, we are broadly involved on the ground in Madagascar which, unfortunately, remains one of the poorest countries on the planet. We sponsor the construction of primary schools, health clinics, water stations and environmental education programs. We provide housing and support for victims of leprosy. We provide tangible results, not just pretty photos for our web site. We also assist and encourage others to do the same. Vanilla agriculture is a long and complicated process requiring years of development. Most of the global vanilla bean supply is grown in lesser developed countries.

We feel it is incumbent upon major foreign buyers in the vanilla trade to aid the vanilla growing communities in order to help raise the standard of living and the general quality of life. Many of these communities lack the most basic access to education and health care. This is particularly true in the vanilla growing regions of Madagascar.