$3.52 CAD

250g. Packaged in compostable paper bag.

More Fine Than Wine. It’s nearly impossible to resist the taste of Maynards Wine Gums. These classic confections are labeled with names like “port,” “sherry,” and “Champagne,” but they actually come in flavours like blackcurrant, orange, and lime. And they aren’t even made with wine! Rumour has it that they were first created as an alternative to consuming alcohol. But some wine gum enthusiasts insist the name comes from savouring the pastilles like a fine wine. Bite-Sized BlissThese candies have an extra-chewy texture and come in a myriad of shapes and flavours.
• Maynards is Canada’s #1 candy brand for a reason: its wine gums are beloved far and wide for their great taste and extra-chewy texture
• With flavours like blackcurrant, raspberry, and orange, this assortment will delight every wine gum fan
• Fill candy jar after candy jar with this snack. They’re perfect for road trips, movie nights, office snacks, and more.