$35.99 CAD

Honey Candles has thoughtfully designed these beautiful floating lotus candles to burn in two ways!  They are stunning as a floating candle, burning 2-3 hours, alternately they also burn bright for 4-5 hours as an ornamental candle on a plate.
Measuring 3" in diameter by 1" tall they have a strong, vibrant glow you have come to expect from beeswax candles. 
This box of 3 floating candles is a great gift for yourself or someone else!
Experience. Pure. Elegance. with Honey Candles floating lotus blossoms.
Candle Size: 1" h x 2 3/4" d
Burn Time: 2-3 hours floating, 4-5 hours on a plate (per candle)
Our wicks contain absolutely no lead or other metals.