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Ditch the plastic bottle with the salon-quality SOLIDSILK® Delicate Volume shampoo bar. (formerly called Seaweed Shampoo)

Infused with seaweed extract and macadamia, this shampoo is gentle and moisturizing for your locks without weighing you down. Light mint + rosemary scent. 

Our cleansing sulfate-free formula is made with gentle, foamy cleansers designed for sensitive scalps. 

Suitable for all hair types. Color-safe and pH-balanced to protect & prevent environmental damage. Our premium ingredients help your hair feel soft and manageable. 

How to Use:

Wet hair thoroughly.

(most common method) Rub the solid shampoo on hair lightly, first at the top of the head and then towards the base of the neck. Place it back on your soap holder. Use fingers to massage the shampoo in and create the lather. A little goes a long way. Excessive rubbing of the product on the head will cause your product to be used up much faster than normal.

(alternate method) Rub hands on the solid shampoo until you have bit on your hands. Place it down on your soap holder, then use fingers to work shampoo into hair and create lather.

Rinse well with water. 

Use the SOLIDSILK® conditioner on lengths and ends. (optional, for very fine hair you may try skipping the conditioner)

Rinse well with water. 

Keep out of eyes! It is gentle but not designed to be used in the eyes, if you get a little in there then rinse gently with clean water.

How long they can last:

These bars are highly concentrated. You are using your shower water to dilute the product instead of buying a bottle of shampoo that is mostly water. Most shampoo formulas in a plastic bottle are upwards of 75% water. 

The length of time each bar lasts depends on proper storage, how often you shampoo, how heavily you use it, hair length, curls and thickness, etc. Most people find the shampoo lasts about half the time of the conditioner.

Typically for a long haired person with lightly wavy to straight hair who shampoos every 2-3 days, the 1.5 oz (42.5g) bar will last around 2-4 months. The 3 pack, 4.5 oz total (127.5g) would last around 6-12 months. These are rough estimates based on customer feedback and will vary per person. 

1.5 oz (42.5g) bar - can last 30-60 washes


by No Tox Life

SOLIDSILK® is a trademark of Earth & Daughter, LLC